Aug 12, 2009

Kecoughtan Lodge Bead Program

Kecoughtan beads circa 1979-1980, pictured on a strand with
1980 SE-1 Conclave Vigil Rededication medallion

In June of 2006 Tim Ewing sent me an email that included a picture of a strand of colored beads along with the message:
Kecoughtan Lodge Bead Program
See Kecoughtan Kryer about 1980 for details.
I dutifully filed the email in my "research when I have a chance" folder and as time passed forgot about it.

Recently while I was hunting for clues about a Kecoughtan patch in the Kryer archive I came across mention of a Bead System in the November, 1979 edition of the newsletter. Editor Tim Ewing summarized 1979 for the Lodge in his Smoke Signals column, listing the many accomplishments and accolades, including this reference to the beads:
The year is coming to an end and it was a great year for our lodge. Let's look back over the year: Our lodge introduced a bead system and an Honor Patch …
Further hunting through earlier and later copies in the Kryer archive turned up just two references to the beads.

The January 1979 edition includes an article on page 7 introducing and explaining the program:
Lodge Gets to try Bead System

The lodge will also try a experiment with a bead system based on attendance at lodge events for one year. A bead system is when you go to a event, you will receive one bead to put on whatever you wish to hang them on to show off how many beads you have earned.

Beaver Days - Violet
Summer Ordeal - Yellow
Spring Ordeal - Green
Winter Ordeal - White
Christmas Banquet - Light Green
Ordeal - Brown
Brotherhood - Gold
Vigil - Silver
Section Conclave - Dark Green
Section Seminar - Orange
National Conference - Dark Red
National Indian Seminar - Dark Blue
Summer Camp Staff - Gray
Long Term Camping - Maroon
Lodge Chief - Red Square
Lodge Vice Chief - Orange Square
Lodge Secretary - Yellow Square
Lodge Treasurer - Green Square
Chapter Chief - Red Tube
Chapter Vice Chief - Orange Tube
Chapter Secretary - Green Tube
Committee Chairman - Blye Square
Lodge Advisor - Violet Square
Past Lodge Advisor - Violet Tube
Committee Advisor - Navy Blue
Honor Patch - Gold Square
The April, 1980 Kryer included a reminder article about the beads for new members, again listing many colors and the events they were awarded for:

I didn't find any reference to the Bead Program in later editions, so I presume that it only lasted a couple of years (1979-1980), unlike the Honor Member patch award which began the same year and was issued each year through 1990.

Now that you know how to distinguish the events related to each bead color, can you list all of the events and offices indicated on the picture of Tim's beads above?

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