May 23, 2008

1976, 1978 SE-1 Conclave Booklets posted

The booklets provided to Section conclave attendees provide not only helpful information about campsite locations, daily agendas, and meal menus, but many years later offer a unique insight into the history of the Section and the lodges that comprised it.

I've been fortunate to come across booklets from the 1976 SE-1 Conclave hosted by Guneukitschick Lodge 317 at Sinoquipe Scout Reservation near Fort Littleton, PA and the 1978 SE-1 Conclave hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge 463 at the former Camp Chickahominy, near Lightfoot, VA. Camp Chickahominy was also known as Peninsula Scout Reservation.

Both documents are quick downloads in PDF format, and feature painstakingly typewritten content that includes Section and Lodge histories as well as program-related documentation that often seems just as relevant thirty years later. I hope you will take the time to check them out!

1976 SE-1 Conclave Booklet
1978 SE-1 Conclave Booklet

May 22, 2008

First 2008 Wahunsenakah Activity patches

Larry Johnson kindly sent along excellent images of the Wahunsenakah Winter and Spring Ordeal activity patches to begin the new 2008 section of the Lodge 333 Activity patch page. The winter patch has a cheerful red border with white background reminiscent of snow and features a flying duck and the tower at Bayport Scout Reservation. The FDL is ghosted into the white background.

The spring ordeal patch brings back the cartoon-style yellow ducks with a winking duck in a rainstorm, two smaller ducks, and dragonflies with bright green border, FDL, and grass.

May 9, 2008

Colonial Virginia Council 2008 FOS CSP

The new CSP for Friends of Scouting donors to Colonial Virginia Council is now available.

This year's theme is Courteous, continuing the 12 points of the Scout Law theme the Council selected when they launched the program in 2003.

The patch requires a minimum donation of $75.00 to Colonial Virginia Council. Prior versions have included different borders for Eagle Scouts and United Way donors but this is reportedly the only version available. View and print the 2008 FOS flyer to make a donation.

Thanks to Larry Johnson for the excellent picture!