Mar 27, 2007

RSS Feed updated

The RSS feed for the Kecoughtan Emblems and History Site news has been fixed and now updates correctly. If you would like to view the content of this site in your newsreader you can subscribe to the RSS feed here.

Eagle Class of 2006 shoulder patch issued

Colonial Virginia Council issued a special shoulder patch to honor their 2006 Class of Eagle Scouts. 250 of the patches were ordered but they were only distributed to the 156 Eagle Scouts and their sponsors who attended the Council's Eagle Recognition Banquet on March 17th.

A unique aspect of this patch which is sure to cause confusion and consternation for years to come is the fact that there is no Council name or other indicator of its origin. Reportedly the name omission was not planned. While collectors and patch historians will surely debate whether the patch constitutes an "official issue" of the Council as a result, the fact remains that it was ordered by the Council and distributed to honor their Eagle Scouts and sponsors, and so it is included in the Colonial Virginia Council emblem listings on this site as a matter of historical record.

Colonial Virginia Council 2007 Friends of Scouting issues

Colonial Virginia Council recently issued the fourth design in their series of shoulder patches given to contributors to their "Friends of Scouting" program. Following the 12 points of the Scout Law, the theme for this issue is A Scout is Friendly.

The patch illustrates the legendary story of American publisher WD Boyce, lost in the fog while visiting London in 1909 and receiving aid from a local Boy scout. The lad refused a tip for his services, explaining to Boyce that he could not accept a tip for "doing a Good Turn." Boyce was reportedly so impressed that he sought out Lord Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, to learn more about his program. Upon his return to the states, Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America in 1910.

The standard FOS 2007 issue has a blue border and the issue provided to Eagle Scout contributors has a silver border. Minimum contribution for either issue is 25.00. No word yet on whether there will be a third border variety for contributors who donate to the Council via the local United Way campaign as there was in 2006.

Mar 13, 2007

Chanco Emblem Issues Reference online

DeWitt Holland, a longtime member of Chanco Lodge and designer of many of it's patches, provided me with a copy of Chanco Lodge 483 Issues 1952-1991, the emblem reference guide that was distributed to attendees of the 1992 Section SE-8 Conclave that was hosted by Lodge 483 at Camp Siouan.

The booklet features photocopied pages with typewritten details and photographs of each patch issued by Chanco Lodge, and has been updated to include emblems released until the merger with Kecoughtan Lodge at the end of 1995.

Compiled by DeWitt Holland, Tom Queen, Ron Godby, and Ray Johnson, this document is now available online in PDF format, and while it may seem primitive by today's standards, it remains a priceless reference for collectors of Lodge 483 memorabilia. Every lodge flap, neckerchief patch, activity patch, and more issued during Chanco's 43 years of existence are included.