Oct 22, 2007

Elusive pictures arrive!

This past week has been exciting for new content at kecoughtan.com. I've been provided with photographs of items that I've needed for a long time. Larry Johnson sent me several very cool pictures, including one of the last coffee mug from Kecoughtan Lodge. It's not a design masterpiece, in fact it features a generic national OA logo with "Kecoughtan Lodge 463" imprinted underneath. But when it's the last photo you need to show every mug ever issued by the Lodge, it's welcomed as quite a prize!

I was also granted permission by auction hostess Melynda to share a picture of a 1992 NOAC leather round from Kecoughtan Lodge whose existence I was beginning to doubt since I had no details about it other than the fact it was reported to be a leather emblem. There's no sign of it on oaimages.com nor is it listed in the Blue Book. The only one I am aware of is now in the collection of Sam Fairchild who won the auction. This photo was the last one I needed to complete the Kecoughtan event emblems of the 1990's.

Now will someone please help me find out if there really was a leather patch for the 1976 Kecoughtan Lodge Spring Ordeal?

Oct 10, 2007

Down to nine Kecoughtan Lodge activity patch needs

I've been fortunate to pick up some Kecoughtan Lodge activity patch needs from recent auctions and after doing to checklist updating realized that I am down to just ten to complete this collection. I may even be down to just nine since I have not been able to confirm the existence of one of the patches (a leather patch reportedly issued in 1976 for the Spring ordeal).

Should you happen to have any of these available for trade or sale, please contact me. I've got a number of 463 activity patch duplicates as well in case you have holes to fill in your collection, and I'd be happy to send you a list of them.

Here's what I need (click on the decade links if you'd like to see pictures):

57 Fellowship (w/349)
66 Fall Fellowship - silkscreened neckerchief
67 Fall Fellowship
69 Winter Ordeal


76 Spring Ordeal - leather (does this patch exist?)


84 Fall Ordeal
86 Christmas Banquet
88 Summer Ordeal

90 Spring Ordeal
95 Spring Ordeal

Oct 2, 2007

40th Anniversary Kecoughtan leather emblem

I was able to add a long-sought after item to my Kecoughtan Lodge collection recently. The 40th Anniversary Vigil Rededication leather emblem was issued to Vigil Honor members in 1991, and until I acquired this item through an ebay auction I had never even seen a photograph of it.

You can now find a picture of it on the web page listing Kecoughtan Lodge activity emblems from the 1990's. If you can provide any additional information like the number that were issued or who created the emblems, please send me an email.