Jun 29, 2005

Duck Calls Mentions kecoughtan.com

I arrived home from the College World Series yesterday to find a new edition of Duck Calls, the Wahunsenakah Lodge newsletter, waiting for me among the bills and other mail.

After reading about the recent SR-7A conclave I turned to an article that mentioned kecoughtan.com as a place to see pictures of new Colonial Virginia Council Scout camp. It took a moment to sink in that the article was referring to my web site!

Thanks to Newsletter Advisor Tim Ewing for the nice referral in Duck Calls. If this is your first visit to kecoughtan.com I hope you will take some time to look around and learn about the rich history and tradition that precedes Wahunsenakah Lodge.

And if you happen to have items that are missing from my site I will be very grateful if you can find a moment to share pictures of them with me so that I can continue to make this site more accurate and complete.

Jun 24, 2005

Kecoughtan Lodge Vigil Honor Recipients

Back in January of this year Herb Smith provided me with a complete list of Kecoughtan Lodge Vigil Honor Recipients to include on this site. The list includes not only the names of all Kecoughtan Arrowmen who were elected to the Vigil Honor, but also the dates of their election and induction and their Vigil Indian name and translation.

From the Lodge's inception in 1951 until it's merger in 1996 Kecoughtan Lodge awarded 220 Arrowmen with the Vigil Honor. I finally found time to generate a web page in Excel to put this vital part of the Lodge's history online. You'll find it linked from the Lodge History page.

Jun 22, 2005

Colonial Virginia Council "FOS" issues

Last year Colonial Virginia Council joined many other Boy Scout Councils in issuing a special edition of their council shoulder patch specifically reserved for individuals who make donations to their Friends of Scouting (FOS) program. Following the lead of other councils, Colonial Virginia also chose the theme of committing to a series of 12 patches, issued one per year, with each including a point of the Boy Scout Law.

The donation required for a Colonial Virginia FOS patch is 25.00, which means that a complete series of 12 will represent a collective donation of 300.00 to the Council. The 25.00 price seems fairly standard compared to other councils, though some charge significantly more (Patriots' Path Council, for example, asks a minimum donation of at least 248.00 for their annual FOS shoulder patch, almost 3,000 for the set of 12 once complete).

Colonial Virginia Council "Trustworthy" FOS issue (2004)
Similar to the S6 standard Council issue, border is gold rather than yellow, "Trustworthy" lettered in blue. Limited edition of 500.

Colonial Virginia Council "Loyal" FOS issue (2005)
Features "Historic St. Luke's Church, Circa 1632." Limited edition of 500.

Thanks to Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing for pictures of these patches.

Wahunsenakah 2005 Conclave, Jamboree flaps

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 has issued two flaps this year, with identical design except for white lettering at the bottom center indicating either "Conclave 2005" or "National Jamboree 2005." The design features three predominantly orange flying ducks over blue water with a red sky and setting sun. A red "ghost" FDL is embroidered on the right side, and red lettering "333" with red arrow through the middle is centered above the white text in the lower middle. The flaps both have a white rolled edge.

Lodge 333 2005 SR-7A Conclave Flap
Lodge 333 2005 National Jamboree flap

Thanks to Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing for the pictures of these issues.

Crude fake of 463X15 purchased from eBay

In February I saw a Kecoughtan patch on eBay that I have never seen before, nor have seen since. The patch is very crude reproduction of the Kecoughtan X15 oval patch that was issued in 1991 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Lodge. The item was listed by ebay seller "rdgchf" and the description included a picture and simply said "Fake. This is the only one I have. No other information available. FREE SHIPPING." The patch cost me a total of $5.50. I asked the seller via email if there were any more and his reply was "The individual that I got it from told me there were only two of it made. No further information available."

According to eBay, "rdgchf" is no longer a registered user, though he was listing and selling fake patches as recently as mid-May.

I've added this patch to the list of fakes on the Unauthorized Issues page of the web site.

Jun 21, 2005

Site news moves to Blogger

The Kecoughtan Emblems and History site news has been transferred to this weblog, powered by Blogger. When I first began posting site news in 1999 options like Blogger weren't available, so every update was manually coded to a static web page. Six years later blogs make posting regular messages a task that takes just minutes, and the automatic generation of archives and XML feeds are bonuses.

With the new convenience of the Blogger-based site news I'm hoping to post news about changes and additions to the site far more regularly!

All of the old news is still online and linked in the sidebar of the Blogger generated news page, so you can relive the progress of the site in it's original hand-coded style!