Apr 26, 2010

Wahunsenakah 2010 SR-7A Conclave Flap

The 2010 Section SR-7A conclave was hosted by Tutelo Lodge at Camp Powhatan on April 23-25. Theme for the Conclave this year was Heart of the Fire. Wahunsenakah issued a single yellow-bordered flap with totems of each lodge in the section as the main feature of the design, along with the SR-7A logo. 600 of the flaps were issued.

Also issuing special flaps for the conclave were Blue Heron Lodge 349 (with matching pocket patch), Nawakwa Lodge 3 (trader and delegate versions), Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276 (trader and delegate versions), and host Lodge Tutelo 161 (with matching pocket patch). The Blue Heron issue does not appear to include lodge name nor number.

Also spotted was a flap patch recognizing National Vice-Chief Will Swingle of Nawakwa Lodge, who was elected at the National OA Planning Meeting on December 27th, 2009. The patch has a red border and white background with the SR-7A logo in the center, "Will Swingle National Vice Chief" in red lettering across the top, "WWW" and "Order of the Arrow" letterer in red on opposite sides and an FDL each of the Section's Lodge numbers ghosted into the white background.

Apr 7, 2010

Neckerchief, Jacket Patch pictures for 1994 SR-7 Conclave

Section SR-7 was formed in April of 1993, immediately after the final conclaves of Sections SE-7 and  SE-8, as part of the national realignment of the Order of the Arrow from 6 national regions to 4. The 7 Virginia lodges that comprised SE-8 were split, with Tutelo, Shenshawpotoo, and Shenandoah Lodges moving to the new SR-6, and Kecoughtan, Blue Heron, Nawakwa, and Chanco combining with no fewer than 10 North Carolina Lodges to form SR-7.

The first conclave of the new Section SR-7 was hosted by Keyauwee Lodge 70 on April 15-17, 1994, at Old North State Scout Reservation, (now Cherokee Scout Reservation) near Yanceyville, NC. SR-7 patches are not plentiful, since few were issued and the Section only lasted 4 years before a national realignment on January 1, 1997 reunited the Virginia Lodges into the new Section SR-7A. As a result there are only about a dozen patches from the short-lived Section SR-7.

I was fortunate recently to add a neckerchief and jacket patch from this 1994 SR-7 conclave, and a jacket patch from the 1996 conclave hosted by Blue Heron to my collection, and you can find images of them on the SR-7/SR-7A web page. If you are aware of any other issues from SR-7 that I don't have listed please let me know!

Credit to Robert Higgins' indispensable OA Section List web site for documenting the many and complex realignments of OA lodges throughout its history.