May 17, 2010

Wahunsenakah 2010 Spring Service patch issued

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 held their annual Spring Service weekend on May 14-16 at Bayport Scout Reservation, and issued the beautiful pocket patch pictured above. Like the 2010 Winter Service patch it features lettering that is ghosted into the design. In the upper left area of the patch "Wahunsenakah" and BSA 100th Anniversary" are embroidered into the background and "2010 Spring Service" is visible along the bottom edge.

Arrowmen attending the Spring Service weekend received a sharp greeting from Mother Nature as the roof of the Birdsong Center at Bayport Scout Reservation was struck by lightning Friday night, causing a fire. All of the Scouts were safe and the fire quickly put out by the Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department. According to an email from Dick Collins, Scout Executive, the damage was limited to the roof and sheetrock and repairs have already begun.

May 16, 2010

2010 SR-7A Conclave patch

The 2010 Section SR-7A conclave was hosted by Tutelo Lodge 161 at Camp Powhatan on April 23-25. The pocket patch issued for the conclave features a complex design of an Indian standing in front of a fire with a lodge in the background, and woods, mountains, and a sunset all reflected in a lake. Ghosted into the design are the numbers of the lodges that comprise Section SR-7A. At the bottom of the patch the theme of the Conclave From the fire's heart is embroidered, along with a fleur d'lis. Surrounding the design are OA sash designs.

Above is a picture of the pocket patch with annotations indicating the position of the various ghosted lodge numbers. I've added the patch to the Section SR7/7A Emblems page, but still need pictures of other emblems that were issued at the conclave, including neckerchief, jacket patch, hatpin, Vigil rededication token, etc.