Aug 26, 2009

Colonial Virginia Council Jamestown Extravaganza patch

I've avoided adding Council event emblems to the patch listings on this web site since to do so would expand the scope and number of items I keep track of exponentially.

But I recently acquired a very attractive 3 part patch issued by Colonial Virginia Council for their 2007 Jamestown Extravaganza and decided I couldn't leave it off the site. After all it wasn't just a weekend event, it spanned 18 months and had to be earned by completing a series of requirements that taught the historical importance of Jamestown.

If you aren't familiar with the Jamestown Extravaganza I encourage you to read the booklet issued by the council; you'll be impressed by the Council's efforts to commemorate this historical event with such a thorough Scout-related program and how nicely they integrated it with advancement opportunities.

You'll find it listed on the Colonial Virginia Council-Other Emblems page.

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