Jun 11, 2012

333 issues rubber duck flap

Wahunsenakah Lodge recently issued their first flap shaped emblem that is not fully embroidered. In fact, it's not even cloth. The bright yellow issue made of rubber, is the same color as a bathtub duck, and actually has a design featuring a bathtub duck.

The emblem was issued for the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference which will be held July 30 through August 4 at Michigan State University.

The lodge also issued 2 two-part sets of flaps with a corresponding pocket part. The delegate version has a silver border of both parts, while the trader version has a white border. In keeping with the Lodge's theme of recognizing the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, the pocket piece features the Monitor and Merrimac naval battle of Hampton Roads. The flap features silhouettes of Civil War leaders superimposed over the first national flag of the Confederacy and the United States flag. You can view these and all Wahunsenakah Lodge flap and pocket part issues here.