Feb 25, 2010

Wahunsenakah 2010 Conclave flap design updated

Advisor George Homewood sent along this updated design for the proposed Wahunsenakah Lodge flap that will be issued for the upcoming Section SR-7A Conclave to be hosted by Tutelo Lodge April 23-25. The original design did not receive approval from BSA due to licensing concerns about the Pac-Man styled components, so they have been removed.

Feb 20, 2010

Wahunsenakah 2010 Winter Service patch

Recent heavy snowstorms along the East Coast have caused cancellation of the Lodge 333 Winter Service event originally scheduled for February 26-28 at Bayport Scout Reservation. 3 Beaver Days have been scheduled as a replacement before the Lodge's Spring Service weekend on May 14-16.

A beautiful patch was designed and ordered for the Winter Service, pictured above. According to the Lodge, these will be still be available:
To help raise money to fund the needed repairs at Bayport, we will sell the already produced Winter Service Weekend patches for $5 each with all money being used at Bayport. We plan to have the patches at the 3 Beaver Days as well as at the Spring Service Weekend until the supply is gone.
The patch is the first of a series of 3" round event patches for 2010 featuring wildlife duck scenes with lettering "ghosted" into the design. I think you will agree these are some of the most beautiful patches the Lodge has ever produced.

Thanks to George Homewood for the picture of the patch.

Feb 2, 2010

Wahunsenakah Lodge 2010 Conclave flap design

Lodge Advisor George Homewood kindly shared this design for the Wahunsenakah flap to be issued for the upcoming 2010 SR-7A Conclave.

Tutelo Lodge 161 will host the Conclave on April 23-25 at Blue Ridge Mountains Council Scout Reservation in Pulaski County, Virginia. The theme for the 2010 Conclave is "Heart of the Fire."

Update (20 February 2010): Lodge Advisor George Homewood sent me an email indicating that the BSA rejected the patch design above due to possible trademark conflicts, so a new design is in the works.