Feb 28, 2014

Final 2013 Wahunsenakah Activity patch

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 held their final activity of 2013, the Holiday Banquet, on December 7 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Smithfield, VA. To commemorate the occasion a large oval pocket patch with attached button loop was issued that continues the theme of prior 2013 event patches featuring ceremonial team members.

The Holiday Banquet patch includes all four of the characters from the Ordeal ceremony. From left to right: Nutiket (Guardian),  Kichkinet (Guide),  Allowat Sakima (Mighty Chief), and Meteu (Medicine Man). These characters were featured on the Summer Service, Spring Service, Fall Fellowship, and Winter Service patches, respectively. You can view pictures of all Wahunsenakah activity patch issues here.

The OA History Timeline has a wealth of fascinating information about the history of Order of the Arrow ceremonies. Check it out.

Feb 27, 2014

Colonial Virginia Council issues 2014 FOS CSP

Since 2004 Colonial Virginia Council has awarded a special patch to donors who contribute $75 or more to their annual Friends of Scouting campaign. Each of the patches has represented one of the points of the Scout Law. For 2014 the theme is Clean, represented by a completely white shoulder patch with white lettering and centered fleur d'lis ghosted into the white background.

FOS contributions are a vital part of the Council's operating budget. Please consider a donation to help perpetuate Scouting programs across southeast Virginia: View/Print 2014 Friends of Scouting brochure.

2015 will mark the completion of the Scout Law theme, with Reverent.

View all of the Colonial Virginia Council Friends of Scouting CSP's issued to date here.

Feb 9, 2014

SR-7 Conclave Guidebooks posted to va-oa.org

Recently I acquired Delegate Guidebooks for the 1994 and 1995 SR-7 Conclaves, and have posted them to the associated conclave pages at va-oa.org.

Section SR-7 was short-lived. It was created in 1993 when the BSA consolidated the six region structure to four, in the process splitting the Virginia OA Lodges of SE-8 between the new SR-6 and SR-7. Tutelo 161, Shenandoah 258, and Shenshawptoo 276 joined 4 Lodges from Kentucky, 4 Lodges from Tennessee, and a Georgia Lodge to form SR-6, while Nawakwa 3, Blue Heron 349, Kecoughtan 463, and Chanco 483 were sent to SR-7 to join 10 North Carolina Lodges.

This arrangement proved to be too unwieldy, so four years later the Virginia Lodges were reunited in SR-7A, with the Carolina Lodges comprising SR-7A.

Feb 3, 2014

2014 Scout Sunday patch issued

At sunrise on Feb. 2 the Chesapeake Bay District of Colonial Virginia Council held their annual Scout Sunday services at the Yorktown Victory Monument, with breakfast following at the US Coast Guard Training Center.

A multicolor commemorative pocket patch was issued very similar to prior years with the same design but changes to the colors. This year's version features a purple border. You can view Scout Sunday patches from 2001 through 2014 on the Colonial Virginia Council - Other Emblems web page.

Thanks for Larry Johnson for the photo of the 2013 Scout Sunday patch.