Aug 8, 2009

Wahunsenakah 2009 NOAC flap pictures added

Larry Johnson of Wahunsenekah attended the 2009 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University, and upon his return kindly sent me pictures of the flaps that the delegates from Lodge 333 traded this year. Larry reports that 150 of the silver bordered delegate sets and 850 of the red bordered trader sets were issued.

This year Wahunsenakah returned to issuing a two-part set for their NOAC patches after a decade of NOAC flap designs without a matching pocket part. Since the Lodge's inception in 1996 they have always issued a special flap for NOAC, but their last 2-part set was issued in 1998. The list to date looks like this:
  • 1996 - 2 part set (S4 trader and S5 delegate matched with X1)
  • 1998 - 2 part set (S9 trader and S10 delegate matched with X2 and X3 respectively)
  • 2000 - white ghost flap (S14 trader) and white ghost with gold mylar lettering (S15 delegate)
  • 2002 - photochromatic ghost (S20 trader) and photochromatic ghost with silver border (S21 delegate)
  • 2004 - S25 trader with silver inner border, S26 delegate with gold inner border
  • 2006 - S31 trader with red border, S32 with silver border
  • 2009 - S39 and X4 trader with red border, S40 and X5 delegate with silver border
The patch was designed by Lodge member Casey Johnson and cleverly interprets the theme for this year's NOAC, The Power of One.

You can find pictures of these and every Wahunsenakah Lodge flap on the Wahunsenakah Lodge Emblems page.

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