Jan 10, 2007

New Kiskiack Chapter jacket patch issued

Kiskiack Chapter

Tim Ewing was kind to send me a picture of the newly issued Kiskiack Chapter backpatch from Wahunsenakah Lodge 333. Six inches in diameter, the patch mirrors the design of the 3 inch diameter pocket patch with loop that was released in September of last year. You can find images of both in the Chapter section of the Lodge 333 Emblems web page.

The design of the two patches feature a theme common to the original neckerchief patches and later flap patches of Kecoughtan Lodge: silhouettes of the three ships which carried the English immigrants who in 1610 settled in the area of Virginia now served by the local council. As such, they pay tribute to the history of the local area as well as preserving the some of the emblematic heritage of their prior parent lodge.

Jan 1, 2007

1962 Kecoughtan Kryer added to online archive

I received a nice Christmas present from Sam Fairchild when he sent me an email in late December advising me that he had an original copy of the Kecoughtan Kryer newsletter dated August 9, 1962. Sam kindly sent it to me to scan and it is now online for your reading pleasure. It is by far the oldest Kryer in the online archives, and is probably one of the first newsletters issued by the Lodge since several later historical documents refer to 1962 as the first year of publication.

Happy New Year to all and please remember to check your boxes of Scout stuff in the attic while the weather is cold to see if you might have any issues of the Kryer that are missing from the online archive, or other Lodge documents that will help chronicle the history of Kecoughtan Lodge.