Jan 28, 2013

Colonial Virginia Council issues Wood Badge CSP

Colonial Virginia Council issued their first new shoulder patch of 2013 in late January with a CSP recognizing Wood Badge, the training course for adult Scouters that was designed by Lord Baden Powell, whose figure is central to the patch design. On either side are emblems of the 8 standard Wood Badge patrols: Beaver, Bobwhite, Eagle, Fox, Owl, Bear, Buffalo, and Antelope. The emblem of the optional 9th patrol, the Raven, is in the lower left. The Wood Badge logo of an axe embedded in a log is in the lower right. Gilwell Park was the site of the first Scoutmaster Training Course in 1919, and remains as the worldwide home of Wood Badge.

This and all of the other shoulder patches issued by the council can be viewed at the Colonial Virginia Council CSP page.

Patch scan courtesy of Larry Johnson