Nov 19, 2010

Wahunsenakah considers new neckerchief design

The Wahunsenakah Lodge Executive Committee will vote on a design for a new lodge neckerchief at their meeting scheduled for December 4. The first Wahunsenakah neckerchief features a single duck design embroidered directly onto a dark green neckerchief. It was first sold in 2001.

Above is an illustration from the Lodge web site of possible designs the LEC will be considering for the new neckerchief.

Nov 12, 2010

Great OA history resource

While researching a new article about an activity patch today I came across a great online resource that may prove helpful to others who are interested in the history of the Order of the Arrow.

The site is the Digital Archive of the Order of the Arrow, located at
It's an official site of the OA, though I was not able to find any reference to it on the official OA BSA site.

Although the site requires a search to bring up any content, the results are treasures for those seeking scanned copies of old National OA Bulletings, pictures of event patches, and much more. You can search by keyword, date range, and much more, or to just get an idea of what's available click the random images button.

Here's a great example of the gems buried within the OA Digital Archives. From the Summer 1955 National OA Bulletin: