Aug 1, 2009

Thumbnail pictures added to two pages

While the rest of the trading and collecting nation is living it up at NOAC 2009 in Bloomington, IN I decided to distract myself with some site maintenance. I've been meaning to add thumbnail images of patches to the catalog listing pages for years now, but have always put it off until the site is generated dynamically from a database instead of static pages. That's proven to be more of an obstacle than I originally expected, so for the time being I've manually implemented thumbnails on several pages to see how they look.

The original page converted to thumbnail view was the Wahunsenakah Lodge flaps page and I've been pleased with the results, mostly because of the elegant way that the highslide zooming effect allows you compare multiple images (ie, NOAC delegate and trader issues from a particular year). I used the same size for the Colonial Virginia Council CSP, FOS, and JSP pages.

Based upon the dimensions of those thumbnail images I elected to go with 150 pixels wide as my default for the Kecoughtan Arrowhead and Round shaped emblem pages.

I am still on the fence about the final results. 150 pixels wide looks fine for flaps and CSP's but when the height of the image is the same or more the thumbnail images begin to overwhelm the page. Since the Kecoughtan Arrowhead and Round emblems pages don't have many items to list I'm not dissatisfied enough with the results to start over, but I don't think I can follow the same design for the Activity emblems page that has 100 different patches listed.

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