Jul 15, 2009

Do these Kecoughtan Chapter patches really exist?

Last weekend I decided to spend time updating the long-neglected web page devoted to the Chapter Emblems of Kecoughtan Lodge. Way back in March Larry Johnson sent me pictures of several event patches for camporees sponsored by Wicomico Chapter that I needed to add.

Most of all I wanted to update the listings on the page to match those in Blue Book 6 - Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog. The Kecoughtan Chapter Emblems web page was originally created over a decade ago using Blue Book 2 (1998) which did not include any chapter emblem information. The listings were based upon the photocopied sheets of Kecoughtan Lodge patch data sent to me by the late Ron Godby in 1996.

I was surprised to discover that Blue Book 6 claims there are two versions of the first Pamunkey Chapter jacket patch, with the difference being whether the embroidered deer is brown or dark brown. It also claims that there is a second jacket patch for Piankatank Chapter with a dark blue border and multicolored background. I've never noticed any difference in the color of the deer on the Pamunkey jacket patch, and I've never seen any Piankatank Chapter jacket patch other than the pentagon-shaped J1.

How about you? If you have two Pamunkey Chapter J1 patches with obviously different deer, I'd love to see a side-by-side picture. If you have knowledge of any Piankatank jacket patch other than the J1, please let me know.

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