Jul 8, 2009

The McSmith 463 Chief leather round

Then Pamunkey Chapter Chief Gary McSmith lost a close election to Bill Irwin at the 1976 Spring Ordeal to become the Kecoughtan Lodge Chief succeeding Rone Baldwin, according to the July edition of the Kecoughtan Kryer.

McSmith's campaign for Kecoughtan Chief included a leather round emblem (see above) that is often mistaken for an official Kecoughtan issue. Although it includes the Kecoughtan Lodge totem and number, it was not issued by the Lodge, but remains an interesting piece of Lodge history. Gary and his father Duane McSmith hand made leather round emblems for the 1975 Section SE-1 Indian Seminar that are official Section emblems.

Thanks to Michael McCaughan of Blue Heron Lodge for sharing the images above with me. To see other interesting unofficial Kecoughtan Lodge emblems, check out the Unknown/Unauthorized Issues page.

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