Jul 8, 2009

Can you spot the fake Kecoughtan Brotherhood flap?

Kecoughtan Lodge issued it's first flap recognizing Brotherhoods status in 1987. The S-10 issue is virtually identical to the S-6a and S-6b versions of the Lodge flap, except the arrow piercing the acorn is reduced slightly in size to make room for Brotherhood bars added at each end. A Vigil version of the flap was also produced, adding the Vigil triangle totem to the center of the acorn, at first behind the "W" (S-11) and later in front of it (S-12)

The Kecoughtan flaps featuring confederate flags were replaced with new designs in 1989 at the demand of a new Council executive. S13, 14, and 15 displayed the three ships that landed at Jamestown in 1607, and a special flap with this design was created specifically for the 1989 Boy Scout Jamboree (S-16).

Coincidentally, the 1989 Boy Scout Jamboree held at Fort AP Hill, Virginia, was where the first and only known Kecoughtan Lodge fake flaps were introduced by sources still unknown. The fake flaps were computer-designed reproductions of the Lodge's S-10 Brotherhood flap, and continue to fool many collectors and traders even to this day since their likeness is so similar to the genuine article.

Looking at the picture above can you tell which flap is an official issue from Kecoughtan Lodge and which is the unauthorized reproduction? Here are the clues you can use to spot the imposter:

The REAL Kecoughtan Lodge S-10 Brotherhood flap features:
  • white outline stitching has small amount of black space next to acorns and flags
  • large "W" in center acorn has a pointed center peak
  • FDL in center acorn is wider and has one dimensional appearance (not 3 segments)
  • stars on flag are not well defined, hard to see "points"
  • number "6" in "463" is blocky (not rounded)
  • top Brotherhood bar above the arrow does not touch the flag on the left side
The FAKE Kecoughtan Lodge ZS-1 Brotherhood flap features:
  • white outline stitching is tight and close to acorns and flags.
  • large "W" in middle acorn has a flat center peak
  • FDL in center acorn is skinny with 3 discernable components (center and 2 side parts)
  • stars on flags are sharp and defined, each with 5 points
  • number "6" in "463" is rounded
  • top Brotherhood bar above the arrow touches the flag on the left side
Now can you tell which one is fake? If you chose the bottom flap in the picture, you're right.

You can view all of the official Lodge 463 flaps on the Kecoughtan Lodge Flap Issues page. Fakes and other unauthorized emblems are cataloged on the Unauthorized/Unofficial Issues page.

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