Jan 29, 2012

Colonial Virginia Council 2012 FOS CSP

Colonial Virginia Council has issued their ninth Friends of Scouting CSP in the Scout Law series of twelve. The theme for this year's patch is "A Scout Is Thrifty."

The 2012 FOS patch takes its design from the 1944 Norman Rockwell painting entitled "We Too Have A Job To Do" that features a saluting Boy Scout in front of an American flag background. The painting was used to rally Scouts to volunteer service during World War II.  For example, Scouts collected 10.5 million tons of scrap aluminum in 1941—88 percent of the total collected by all Americans (from Scouting magazine).

Like many Councils across the country, Colonial Virginia Council relies upon contributions through its Friends of Scouting program to help fund the programs for the more than 6,000 Scouts they serve. Learn more about the program and consider a contribution today by downloading the Colonial Virginia Council 2012 Friends of Scouting brochure.

You can view this and all of the  Friends of Scouting patches on the Colonial Virginia Council FOS issues page at kecoughtan.com.

Thanks to Larry Johnson for the picture of the 2012 CVC FOS patch.

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