Jan 15, 2012

Kecoughtan leather flap variety

Jason Spangler (aka Santeeswapper) is currently selling a leather Kecoughtan flap shaped item on eBay that is similar to but at the same time very unlike other varieties I've seen before. This example only has the center acorn, with no flags or smaller acorns, and has holes punched in the corners, presumably to enable attaching it to something since sewing leather is not an easy task.

When you compare the picture of the item on eBay with other Kecoughtan leather flap examples the center acorn design appears to be the same, indicating that the same stamp was used. Most Kecoughtan collectors I have spoken to about the leather flaps are of the opinion that it was never an official lodge issue, but probably the result of a crafts opportunity at lodge events. If you know more about the leather flap issues from this lodge, please share them in the comments.

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