Jan 3, 2012

SR-7A conclave emblem previews

Section SR-7A will hold their 2012 conclave April 27-29 at Camp Rock Enon in Gore, VA, hosted by Shenshawpotoo Lodge 276. Registration for the conclave is now open online, and a tour of the order form for Trading Post items reveals design artwork for several emblems, including the pocket and jacket patch (pictured above).

This will be the tenth regional gathering of Arrowmen to be held at Camp Rock Enon. Prior Pow Wows and Conclaves at this historic camp include:
  • 1954 3-C Pow Wow
  • 1962 3-C Pow Wow
  • 1968 3-C Training Institute
  • 1973 SE-1 Pow Wow
  • 1981 SE-1 Conclave
  • 1984 SE-8 Conclave
  • 1991 SE-8 Conclave
  • 2000 SR-7A Conclave
  • 2006 SR-7A Conclave
Check out the new 2012 SR-7A Conclave page at va-oa.org for additional images, including pictures of the conclave hat, polo shirt, and more, including the special SR-7A 15th Anniversary patch that will be issued.

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