Jun 22, 2005

Colonial Virginia Council "FOS" issues

Last year Colonial Virginia Council joined many other Boy Scout Councils in issuing a special edition of their council shoulder patch specifically reserved for individuals who make donations to their Friends of Scouting (FOS) program. Following the lead of other councils, Colonial Virginia also chose the theme of committing to a series of 12 patches, issued one per year, with each including a point of the Boy Scout Law.

The donation required for a Colonial Virginia FOS patch is 25.00, which means that a complete series of 12 will represent a collective donation of 300.00 to the Council. The 25.00 price seems fairly standard compared to other councils, though some charge significantly more (Patriots' Path Council, for example, asks a minimum donation of at least 248.00 for their annual FOS shoulder patch, almost 3,000 for the set of 12 once complete).

Colonial Virginia Council "Trustworthy" FOS issue (2004)
Similar to the S6 standard Council issue, border is gold rather than yellow, "Trustworthy" lettered in blue. Limited edition of 500.

Colonial Virginia Council "Loyal" FOS issue (2005)
Features "Historic St. Luke's Church, Circa 1632." Limited edition of 500.

Thanks to Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing for pictures of these patches.

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  1. I recently learned that Blue Ridge Mountains Council (headquartered in Roanoke) requires a minimum donation of 120.00 for their Friends of Scouting shoulder patch.

    Tidewater Council of Virginia Beach sells their FOS and other special edition CSP's at prices ranging from 25.00 to 250.00.