Jun 29, 2005

Duck Calls Mentions kecoughtan.com

I arrived home from the College World Series yesterday to find a new edition of Duck Calls, the Wahunsenakah Lodge newsletter, waiting for me among the bills and other mail.

After reading about the recent SR-7A conclave I turned to an article that mentioned kecoughtan.com as a place to see pictures of new Colonial Virginia Council Scout camp. It took a moment to sink in that the article was referring to my web site!

Thanks to Newsletter Advisor Tim Ewing for the nice referral in Duck Calls. If this is your first visit to kecoughtan.com I hope you will take some time to look around and learn about the rich history and tradition that precedes Wahunsenakah Lodge.

And if you happen to have items that are missing from my site I will be very grateful if you can find a moment to share pictures of them with me so that I can continue to make this site more accurate and complete.

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