Feb 28, 2014

Final 2013 Wahunsenakah Activity patch

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 held their final activity of 2013, the Holiday Banquet, on December 7 at Trinity United Methodist Church in Smithfield, VA. To commemorate the occasion a large oval pocket patch with attached button loop was issued that continues the theme of prior 2013 event patches featuring ceremonial team members.

The Holiday Banquet patch includes all four of the characters from the Ordeal ceremony. From left to right: Nutiket (Guardian),  Kichkinet (Guide),  Allowat Sakima (Mighty Chief), and Meteu (Medicine Man). These characters were featured on the Summer Service, Spring Service, Fall Fellowship, and Winter Service patches, respectively. You can view pictures of all Wahunsenakah activity patch issues here.

The OA History Timeline has a wealth of fascinating information about the history of Order of the Arrow ceremonies. Check it out.

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