Sep 21, 2009

2005 activity patch arrow posted

I've spent several hours recently putting my Wahunsenakah Lodge patches into new patch envelopes and pages from What great products to display patch collections!

I took a moment to stop my organizational efforts to scan a picture of the 2005 Wahunsenakah Lodge activity patches together, forming an arrow. I'm only about 3.5 years late posting this. The combined parts extended well beyond the length of my Canon scanner, so I had to do some photoshop work, scanning each end and combining them to create the image you see above.

Wahunsenakah Lodge also issued puzzle piece activity patches that form a larger image when combined together in 2000 (arrowhead) and 2002 (fleur d'lis). You can see them one piece at a time or together on the Wahunsenakah Lodge Activity Emblems page.

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