Sep 1, 2009

What is a complete Kecoughtan collection?

For aspiring collectors of any OA Lodge, the holy grail is a "complete collection" of everything ever officially issued by the Lodge. For most lodges this is a virtually impossible task since some items had limited distribution or for older items simply not commonly found anymore. Kecoughtan is no different, but that shouldn't deter you from trying to assemble a complete collection.

A complex question could be "what comprises a complete Kecoughtan collection?" Rather than delve too deeply into the finer points of defining which items should truly be considered official issues or which items are definite varieties that deserve a separate listing and which don't I'll keep the answer simple.

Using the Sixth Edition of the Blue Book Catalog of Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia, published in 2006 (the most current one available now) the total listings for Kecoughtan Lodge break out as follows:

Number Type
9 Arrowheads
14 Chapter
4 Chenilles
100 Events
1 Jacket
1 Leather
2 Neckerchief
1 Unauthorized
8 Round
44 Solid Embroidered Flaps
17 Odd Shape (X)
1 Prototypes
202 Total

Ready to get started? Here's a handy checklist created with Dave Pede's awesome Blue Book VI PDF Generator. Note that the Blue Book doesn't list items like coffee mugs, hat pins, keychains, or belt buckles, so once you assemble the 202 items above there's still plenty to keep you busy.

Note: The collection pictured above is not mine. Thanks to Ray Ellis for sharing this picture with me of a beautifully displayed Kecoughtan collection.

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