Feb 23, 2009

First 2009 Wahunsenakah Lodge activity patch issued

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 held their Winter Service weekend (formerly known as the Winter Ordeal) on Feb. 20-22 at Bayport Scout Reservation, and issued the patch pictured above. This patch design was approved earlier with varying backgrounds for all of the Lodge 333 events in 2009 (see Wahunsenakah Lodge 2009 Event Patch Sneak Preview).

The removal of the word "Ordeal" from the patch does not indicate no Ordeal was held, in fact over 90 candidates were expected according to notes from the Feb. 8 LEC meeting. The decision to change the wording to "Winter Service" was to recognize that the Ordeal was only a small part of the weekend and that the greater purpose for all involved was to provide service to the camp.

You will find pictures and descriptions of every Wahunsenakah Lodge activity patch since the Lodge was formed in 1996 through today on the Wahunsenakah Lodge Activity Emblems page.

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