Jan 13, 2009

Wahunsenakah Lodge 2009 Event Patch Sneak Preview

The Pamunkey Chapter Chatter provided a special sneak peek at the Lodge 333 event patches planned for 2009 in their most recent edition. The lead feature of the January 12 edition is Pamunkey artist wins lodge patch design competition and the accompanying illustration displays the patch concept developed by youth member Ethan S. which was approved by the Lodge Executive Committee at their January meeting.

According to the story, "the patches feature a lighthouse flanked by arrows piercing the initials OA. The background color of each patch changes with the season. From left to right above: Winter, Spring, and Summer Service Weekends, Fall Fellowship, and Holiday Banquet."

The changing background for the seasons is a theme honored by Wahunsenakah event patches in prior years, as well, and it's nice to see the tradition continue.

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