Feb 23, 2009

Wahunsenakah patches approved for 2009 Conclave

Minutes from the February 8 Wahunsenakah Lodge Executive Committee meeting include the approval of two motions related to Lodge patches:
  • Patches motion for premium “restricted”, delegate “trader”, staff, beaver day, approved
  • Patches motion 3 patches- 2 premium “restricted”, 1 delegate “trader”, Can sell more delegates to host lodge members, approved
These would appear to indicate that for the upcoming 2009 Conclave Wahunsenakah Lodge will issue 2 different premium flaps with a restricted number allowed to be purchased, a delegate "trader" flap, a staff flap, and a beaver day flap. The beaver day patch is earned by providing a minimum of 14 hours of service during the Lodge's scheduled beaver day events held in preparation of the upcoming conclave to be hosted by Lodge 333 at Bayport Scout Reservation (see Wahunsenakah Beaver Day flap expected).

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