Aug 17, 2006

Wahunsenakah and Blue Heron 2006 NOAC flap issues

The 2006 National Order of the Arrow Conference was held at Michigan State University in Lansing, MI from July 29-August 3. Like many other Lodges, Wahunsenakah Lodge issued a patch for the occasion. The flap was offered in two versions, one with a red border (considered the "trader" issue) and one with a silver mylar border which was limited to three per delegate. 1,500 of the trader and 150 of the delegate version were made. 13 delegate flaps remained after members of the contingent made their purchases and they were sold for 100.00 each.

I am particularly fond of the design since it salutes the heritage of Wahunsenakah by featuring the totems of the two lodges which merged to form the new Lodge ten years ago. Kecoughtan's acorn and Chanco's Chief and deer flank each side of the flap, with the Wahunsenakah duck totem centered between then, and the text "The Legend Lives On NOAC 2006" at the top of the flap. "Wahunsenakah 333" is centered at the bottom point. Until the next edition of the Blue Book is issued in 2008 the issue numbers for these flaps are unofficial, but for now they are listed on as s31 (trader) and s32 (delegate).

Another notable 2006 NOAC patch design which recognizes Kecoughtan and Chanco lodges is the two-piece set issued by Blue Heron Lodge 349 of Tidewater Council, Virginia, based just across the Chesapeake Bay in Norfolk. Blue Heron's design features silhouettes of the Kecoughtan Acorn and Chanco Chief with the Octoraro Lodge 22 horseshoe totem centered between them. Blue Heron Lodge was founded in the Fall of 1946 when a ceremonial team from Octoraro Lodge traveled from Pennsylvania to hold the first ordeal at Camp Darden. Octoraro is thereby recognized as Blue Heron's "Mother Lodge." Octoraro Lodge was founded in 1927, with its first members inducted by the founder of the Order of the Arrow, Dr. E. Urner Goodman. It's official Lodge totem is the goose, however may of their Lodge emblems include a horseshoe in reference to their council camp, Horseshoe Scout Reservation.

Similarly, Blue Heron Lodge was key in the founding of both Kecoughtan and Chanco Lodges, and is considered the "Mother Lodge" for both. The original members of Kecoughtan Lodge began their first ordeal during the 1951 Area III-A ordeal held at Camp Delmont in Pennsylvania. When it was clear that the candidates could not finish their ordeal during the conclave it was agreed that the remainder would be completed at Camp Darden of Tidewater Council the following weekend. On June 14th of 1951 the original six candidates for membership in Kecoughtan Lodge 463 were inducted by the Blue Heron Lodge ceremonial team. (Source: Silver Acorns)

A year later almost to the day the Blue Heron Lodge ceremonial team inducted 15 charter members of Chanco Lodge into the Order of the Arrow at the conclusion of their ordeal held June 13-15, 1952 at Camp Waters in Surry, Virginia. (Source: History of Chanco Lodge)

The Blue Heron 2006 NOAC set was issued in three varieties: a black bordered trader set (S75/X22), a silver bordered 2 piece set for delegates (S76/X23), and a unique black "ghost" background with red border set (S77/X24).

It's great to see Blue Heron and Wahunsenakah Lodges celebrate the rich heritage and perpetuate the tradition of our brotherhood in the design of their 2006 NOAC patch issues by including the totems of their forebearers and children.

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