Oct 25, 2006

kecoughtan.com has a new host

After almost a decade of residing within my personal web space provided by Time Warner's Roadrunner service, the Kecoughtan Emblems and History site has moved to a new internet host, WireNine.com. The move was made to consolidate site resources and implement scripts and features that are beyond the scope of the Roadrunner personal site host. I am looking forward to implementing much more automation and revising the site to include many of the new web technologies that have developed since my site first appeared hosted on AOL.com and every update was over a dialup modem!

If you happen to notice a broken link or encounter any other anomaly please let me know so that I can address it. I expect it will take some time to uncover all of the items that didn't make the transition gracefully, and I appreciate your patience and help!

If you link to the prior site please update your links to http://kecoughtan.com - while I will set up redirects at the old site to point to the new one I can't promise they will be there forever.

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