Jun 12, 2006

Kecoughtan Kryer online archive expands exponentially

Thanks to the generous efforts of Tim Ewing, who sent me over 500 MB worth of scanned images over the past few weeks, there are now over 75 issues in the online archive of Kecoughtan Kryer newsletters. You can now view issues of the Kryer in PDF format dating back to 1967 all the way through the final year of the lodge existence, 1995.

It is really an illuminating experience to spend time perusing the regular columns like "Chapter Chatter," "From the Chief's Tepee" and "Editor's Smokesignals." Reports from attendees to NOAC, Section Conclaves, and Lodge Ordeals and Banquets provide a unique glimpse into the world of an Arrowman over 30 years ago.

Some interesting items I came across include a picture of the first National Standard Lodge Charter, (pictured) and I look forward to spending more time reading the online issues once I have finished converting all of the Kryer's I have scanned copies of so far. I'll post interesting items I come across in this blog.

To date the archive comprises 98 issues, representing 978 pages of Lodge 463 history. Tim informed me that the Council's Kecoughtan Kryer archives were lost in two separate fires, so your help is desperately needed to make this collection more complete. Lodge history indicates that the newsletter was named in 1962 in a contest, with the winning name submitted by Allan Harvester of Troop 31, so I presume that the newsletter of Kecoughtan Lodge dates back at least that far. However, the earliest issue in the archive to date is from 1967. I am also in need of many issues from the 80's and 90's, so I hope you will take a moment to rummage through your Scouting memorabilia to see if you might have any copies of the Kryer tucked among your treasures.

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