Mar 2, 2012

333 issues 2012 Winter Service patch

Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 held their annual Winter Service Weekend at Bayport Scout Reservation from Feb. 24-26, and issued a beautiful oval emblem for the event.

With a design very similar to their 2012 SR-7A Conclave flap, the patch pictures the historic Battle of Hampton Roads, also known as the Battle of Monitor and Merrimack.

The design of Wahunsenakah's activity emblems for the remaining events in 2012 will continue the theme  with each following the same oval design with white background and red lettering. "Understanding our Past" will appear across the top and "Civil War Sesquicentennial" across the bottom of each patch, with the central design changing to recognize events at other prominent locations in the area served by the Council and Lodge. Be sure to watch this site to see them as they are issued, and check the Wahunsenakah Lodge Activity Emblems page to view every event patch issued during the 15 year history of Lodge 333.

Thanks to George Homewood and Rob Kutz for the patch picture

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