Jun 10, 2009

4 Kecoughtan regular activity issue needs

I finally managed to pick up a Kecoughtan Lodge 1988 Summer Ordeal patch from eBay to complete my 1980's activity patch needs. Now I lack just four regular issue activity patches to complete my Kecoughtan Lodge Activity patch collection. The items I lack are all from the earliest years of the Lodge's emblems. Pictured above, they are:
  • 1957 Fellowship (with Blue Heron Lodge)
  • 1966 Fall Fellowship (silkscreened neckerchief)
  • 1967 Fall Fellowship
  • 1969 Winter Ordeal
Should you happen to have any of these for sale or trade, please let me know. I'm eager to not only complete my collection, but also to begin work on a comprehensive guide to Kecoughtan Lodge emblems that will be available in PDF format with high quality, full sized pictures.

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