Apr 16, 2007

New 2007 Wahunsenakah Activity Patches

Wahunsenakah Lodge brothers have been hard at work preparing their new Camp Bayport for its very first season of summer campers. Arrowman Tim Ewing of Lodge 333 sent pictures of the Lodge's first activity patches for 2007. Very similar in appearance, both are three inch rounds featuring a flying duck and a tree in the background.

The Winter Ordeal issue features a solid embroidered royal blue background with a darker blue border. Notice the tree is bare of leaves. The fleur d'lis (FDL) is a cool blue with white shading, reminiscent of snow. The Winter Ordeal was held Feb. 23-25.

The Spring Ordeal issue has a solid embroidered light green background with darker green border, The tree in the background has begun to leaf out. The FDL is green with lighter green shading. The Spring Ordeal was held April 13-15.

It will be interesting to see if the summer and fall activity patches follow this design theme!

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