Sep 9, 2005

The last patches of Chanco Lodge 483

DeWitt Holland, former member of Chanco Lodge, recently provided me with fascinating information about several Chanco Lodge activity patches. Mr. Holland designed all of Chanco's activity patches from 1990 until it merged with Kecoughtan Lodge 463 to form Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 on January 1, 1996. Below are his comments about the final patches issued by Chanco Lodge. They provide unique insight into the deep devotion of the Chanco Arrowmen for their Lodge and its traditions, and their emotions as the merger neared.

The Dream of Heaven patch
The Spring 1994 patch was designed when the Lodge first found out about a possible merger with Kecoughtan Lodge 463 so we were contemplating what would happen when Chanco Lodge died. It is called the "Dream of Heaven" patch and its meaning is as follows. The patch depicts the Indian Chanco sleeping under the stars with the deer looking on beside a smoldering fire. He is dreaming of what the Algonquin Indians believed it would be like when they died. They believed they would go to a place where food would be plentiful and they would enjoy singing and dancing and they would be very happy. It is arguably the best looking multi colored fully embroidered Chanco Lodge patch ever made.

The Angry Indians patch
The Fall 1994 patch was designed when the lodge first found out about a definite merger with Kecoughtan Lodge 463 so we were quite angry campers. It's meaning is as follows. The patch depicts the gathering of Indians on a warpath around a raging fire.

Final Chanco activity patches

Three different patches of Chanco Lodge 483 were issued the final year of its existence, 1995. They were issued for the Spring Induction, Fall Induction and Christmas Banquet. Complete sets were limited to attendees only. The top one was the Christmas Banquet patch. The bottom left is the Spring Induction patch, the bottom right is the Fall Induction patch. This patch set tells the historical story of how Chanco the young Indian boy saved the Jamestown colonists from being massacred in 1622.

I personally designed these patches back in 1995. A printed explanation of each patches meaning was given out to purchasers back in 1995. It is not very often you can tell the history and the origin of the lodges totem through a set of patches. These were very meaningful to each member who was able to get a set.

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