Jul 26, 2005

New page devoted to red and white strips

Long before the colorful Council Shoulder Patches (CSP's) were authorized for wear by Scouts in the mid-70's, red and white strips (RWS) with the community and state name were worn on the left shoulder of the Scout uniform. Originally they had red lettering on a khaki background, but sometime in the mid-50's changed to red twill with white embroidered letters. Scout councils that served many communities often had to stock a dozen or more unique strips for the different towns, villages, and cities their Scouts lived.

With the generous help of Larry Johnson of Colonial Virginia Council I have created a new page devoted to the RWS patches representing the communities that were served by Peninsula Council. This page is by no means complete since I expect we will discover more patches exist than we are aware of now. Have a look and tell me if you know of others that should be listed or if you can share pictures of RWS patches you have in your collection that came from the area served by Peninsula Council.

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  1. The corresponding page devoted to Old Dominion Area Council Community Strips is now available, too. My favorite community name from this page is "Chuckatuck."