Nov 3, 2013

New 333 metal flaps with FDLs issued

In May of 2013 Wahunsenakah Lodge issued two metal flaps, each manufactured by The Witch Trail Committee of Mansfield MA, who also produced the first lodge belt buckle. Like the buckle, the metal flaps featured the design of the S2 service flap. Upon receipt of the finished flaps the lodge noticed that the manufacturer inadvertently left out the fleur-de-lis. Rather than return the flaps they were sold and a corrected version ordered. The new versions complete with FDL in each design were recently released. Like the first versions, there is a pewter version (the 333 M4) and a gold wash finish version (333 M5). Both can be purchased by any member of the Lodge, but the gold version is restricted to wear by youth members of the Lodge Executive Committee.

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