Dec 8, 2012

Fake Wahunsenakah jacket patch surfaces

333 ZJ-1
Unauthorized version of 333 J-1 jacket patch
In November of 2012 a Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 jacket patch was listed on eBay for sale by a seller from Hong Kong. To those not familiar with the official issues of the lodge it appeared perfectly legitimate. In fact, even to those familiar with the official issues of the lodge it probably appears perfectly legitimate. Although the design of the patch is spot on, there are color differences that identify it as an item that was never issued by the Lodge:
  • The border is red, rather than the black border of the official issue.
  • The background of the wildlife scene with three ducks is light blue rather than the silver-gray of the official issue.
Otherwise the design is virtually identical which suggests that the patch was made from the original embroidery pattern. Given the scarcity of this variety it is probable that this patch was perhaps a manufacturer's sample rather than a full loom run.
333 J-1
Official version of 333 J-1 jacket patch

You can view full sized versions of both the official and the newly discovered red border variety on the Wahunsenakah Emblems-Other page on here.

Thanks to Larry Johnson for the picture and information about the red-bordered 333 ZJ-1 jacket patch.

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