Nov 4, 2009

The final Kecoughtan Lodge chenille emblem

Although Standard Pennant Company of Big Run, PA  was the manufacturer for the first 3 Kecoughtan chenille emblems, Krelman Company of Pueblo, CO was selected by the Lodge to create the final chenille patch which was patterned after the Lodge's first green arrowhead patch from the early 50's.

Jeff Godby reports that this patch was produced in 1996 and says:
The C-4 was sort of my idea as well.  I liked how Blue Heron made a chenille using their A-1 design and mentioned that we should do the same thing.  Don't know why they came from a different manufacturer, but it was probably because it was cheaper.
Since Kecoughtan officially merged with Chanco to form Wahunsenakah Lodge at the beginning of 1996, the C-4 chenille was issued in the twilight of the Lodge's existence, and represents a fitting tribute to the original arrowhead patch design from the earliest years of Kecoughtan Lodge.

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