Sep 4, 2008

2008 SR-7A Conclave item photos added

Michael McCaughan of Blue Heron Lodge kindly sent me pictures of items issued at the recent SR-7A conclave, hosted by Shenandoah Lodge at Camp Shenandoah from April 25-27. In addition to the participant pocket patch you will find images of the jacket patch, pocket patch, pin, passport booklet cover, and embroidered neckerchief on the SR-7A Emblems web page.

The impact of the recent economic downturn was evident when I originally sought pictures of these items from several conclave attendees and was told by each that they decided to reduce on their usual conclave memento purchases after high priced gasoline made traveling to the conclave so much more expensive.

The design of the patch includes a clever insertion of the "WWW" found on Order of the Arrow flaps. Look closely and you'll find it in the flaming arrow tips.

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